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CFW N97 -Refresh v2 for all RMs- Updates 13/01 for 5800

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nokia 5800 RM-356_60.0.003 Refresh Mini version !

A Mini Version of Refresh V2 on Original FW 5800 V60.0.003


(thanks parthpatels007)

Base on Orginal FW V60
Support English + Viet Nam - On new pure Core And ROFS2
Music Player 15.2 support lyric
Nokia maps 3.06 + Google Maps V4.1
Full Anna icon packs by binh24
Best Kinetic Scrolling by binh24
Music scan folder: E:/Sounds/Music
*Updates for version V1.2
- Fix some bugs relate to new anna icons
- Auto apply patchs for Rompatcher after reboot
- Turn on/off operator (some networks)

After import your language,Copy those file to ROFS2 for support new Ovi Maps and Music player
*Nokia Maps 3.06(637) - Multi language pack
*Mpx 15.2-Multi language pack
*Mpx 15.2-EN-VN Only
 Center,alpha qwerty keys patchs for OFW
 QT4.7.3 Tested by Binh24


  1. dear binh24, can you please make "refresh mini v2" for 5530 v32 RM-504....? I really want this cfw... thx before.. :)

  2. Bác Bình ơi bộ icon này thiếu icon shotcut, bác bổ sung icon cho mục shotcut Navigation HS luôn nha. Thanks

  3. Binh24, could u give me Music Player 15.2 for CFW?

  4. Music player 15.2.sisx

  5. Binh24, you have center text for ofw??

  6. for 5530 users try this one modified for me..

    english support.

  7. Core này có dùng cho CFW C6/N97 mini được không hả bình?

  8. Bản này cứ tưởng là nguyên gốc 100% như Nokia release, nhưng bro binh24 cook thêm và xóa đi nhiều apps, khiên tôi cảm thấy không thích lắm!

    Mong bro binh24 port cho anh em bản gốc 100% để mọi người tự cook theo ý mình tốt hơn.

    Cảm ơn bro binh24 vì những cống hiến cho S60V5 !!!

  9. @Hunter
    This is CFW, For you use this:

  10. bình ơi cho mình mod icon anna cho OFW này với. Bản này dùng rất tuyệt, nhưng mình cần icon anna cho máy 5230. Thanks for share! Good luck to you!

  11. Hi
    Iwant Arabic Language For This CFW
    And Who i can import the language For CFW
    Ihave NokiaFirmwareEditorS

  12. ohannguyent,download at:

  13. Hi
    Ihave Arabic Core V60

    Where i found arabic language ?

  14. AL_IRAQI,Use Navifirm to find and download your language !

  15. i changed language to Turkish. But t9 is not running in Turkish. How can i fix this?

  16. @Semih
    Copy your file "ecom-2-0.spi" for support T9
    ROFS2 from your original\private\10009d8f\ecom-2-0.spi

  17. @binh24

    Can you share Original FW v60.0.003 (English - Vietnamese) without cooking for us? Thanks bro!

  18. Nguyen,if you don`t like Cooked Firmware just download original FW from Navifirm :)

  19. will this ROFS2 work on your Refresh Core v6.0.003?

  20. @Jed
    Yes,you can just rename this ROFS2 follow old V60 refresh CORE !

  21. please make version 2 for 5800

  22. anh bình ơi! Anh xem lại đi cho video vào thư mục ẩn không được .Vẫn bị load ra hết . Nhạc e để ổ sound vẫn quét.

  23. Nghĩa,Cho video vao thu muc E:\hidden

  24. i use this rofs2 with my other 6 ofw files and flash with JAF but my phone not open...

    what is wrong???

    phone is open normaly with another modded fws and ofw ???

  25. In VIDEO PREVIEW, liked the theme-loaded on phone.
    Do not tell the name of the theme?

  26. aplication who using QT are instaling correct without any errors?? For example TubaFM from OVI store. Now i cant install it.... I dont try this core

  27. i changed language, copied fix files for ovimaps and musicplayer, and fixed T9 error but i can't install QT? i tried everything. how can i fix it?

  28. Semih, how you fix t9 error i can not fix that,please

  29. @manu fury

    First, you need to have an orginal firmware for your language using navifirm. if thats ok, after the ported your language in this rofs2 using the NFE, u need to open the orginal firmware's rofs2\private\10009d8f and copy the ecom-2-0.spi and paste it to this firmware on same way.

  30. raman,stop spam here m8!
    You can use new V60 Core with old ROFS2 from Refresh V2 (rename follow to new V60 Core)

  31. just tell me when would u realease v2...tell me date.....!

  32. imeant dat u released 5800 refresh mini v60...i want it full vrsion not a mini one...

  33. @ binh24
    QT is can not installing. I think because of the problem is Music Player 15.2. just QT is installing. But pips install is not. In Ovi Store, the programs who with QT, while installing they are install with QT and it has pips install and C++ library. So the program is can not install on OviStore. For example; Puppy Talk.
    is the any solution for this?

  34. Hello bro, I am a big fan of your work & I am using your refresh 1.2. But I am facing a problem, I am trying to add the 5 homescreen mod to this fw but when I flash with the modded fw & select the basic hs, the display starts to blink again & again & it doesn't stops..

    Can you suggest me the solution or make a version with this mod....:)

  35. Gallery doesn`t work, can you help binh24

  36. The New Email application icon in the shortcuts bar has old Ovi icon. Please have a look at it!

  37. make this to c6 homescreen..

  38. Hey buddy can you give me the link from where you downloaded all the in-built ringtones in mini cfw.... they are simply awwwwwsooommeeee...
    especially :-
    1) Dawn.m4a
    2) Ovi_sms.aac
    please mail me the link
    thank you ! :) =)

  39. greatings Binh24. What files should I use to flash 5800xm [356] to v60 cfw?

  40. i have n5800 RM356 V60.0.003 and i download RM-356 V52.0.007 New Core by Binh24.7z but how can use..